Promoted and published by Helena Windsor, Pinehurst, Stychens Lane Bletchingley RH1 4LL

     Helena Windsor

      To lead

UKIP – Beyond Brexit

For a free and prosperous nation

As the leader of a truly democratic

 UK Independence Party, Helena pledges to be:



Inspire the nation with a vision of our place

in the world beyond BREXIT

Hello, I am Helena Windsor,

My husband and I joined UKIP in 1999, after campaigning for The Referendum Party in 1997.  I have served as a UKIP County Councillor (2013-17) and stood as Parliamentary Candidate in East Surrey 3 times. We run a successful, small, specialised microbiology laboratory which trades worldwide. I see myself, first and foremost as a scientist rather than a  politician and I see politics shutting down unbiased scientific enquiry in so many fields.

I have been branch chairman for East Surrey since 2011 and Surrey chairman since July 2017 so I am part of and understand the grassroots of our party.  As county chairman I know that we have been painstakingly rebuilding since Gerard Batten took over from Henry Bolton, only to have Nigel pulling that essential scaffolding apart by encouraging senior UKIP members to join him in the Brexit Party.

I believe we need to rebuild and support our branches, training our members and inspiring them to stand to serve their communities on local town, parish, district, borough and county councils, carrying on UKIP’s tradition of putting residents first, not toeing a party line. This way our communities will come to trust us to deliver, know we are not ‘extremists’ and consider voting for us at national level.

We cannot just turn inward - if we are to take our rightful place in British politics we must reach out to our nation, to inspire our people with a vision of the prosperity and patriotic pride we can regain as a free nation after we leave the EU.  I want UKIP to look beyond Brexit and to apply the libertarian principles that are enshrined in our constitution

Constitutionally UKIP is a democratic, libertarian Party

which seeks to:

•  promote and encourage those who aspire to improve their personal situation and those who seek to be self-reliant, whilst providing protection for those genuinely in need;

• favour the ability of individuals to make decisions in respect of themselves;

• to diminish the role of the State;

• lower the burden of taxation on individuals and businesses;

• ensure proper control over the United Kingdom’s borders;

• strengthen and guarantee the essential, traditional freedoms and liberties of all people in the United Kingdom

Helena’s vision for a free and prosperous UK



All British people should feel free to celebrate their culture and proudly display our Union Flag and the flags of the UNITED KINGDOM’s four constituent Nations without insult

Helena welcomes the work our former MEPs have done in promoting the causes of our brave veterans and promises to continue that work. We believe no veteran should be forced to sleep on the street and that 1970s Northern Ireland veterans should not be facing prosecution.

The lights are going out - all over the world!

Slowly but surely, across the globe we are being told what we can think, write, say and learn. Healthy debate is being closed down whenever it challenges Establishment ‘right think’

Academic speakers are non-platformed

Bloggers are demonetised

Social media accounts are closed

‘Non conforming’ researchers cannot get funding

UKIP promotes patriotism

Helena believes that defending free speech needs to be a key player in UKIP’s   policy platform

The mainstream media cannot prevent people learning,via social media platforms, the inconvenient truths it chooses to cover up; the solution - shut users accounts or dismiss the content as ‘fake news’

If we succeed in shaking off the shackles of the EU without rolling back the erosion of such a basic freedom we will never be a truly free nation.

If we fight back the UK can be a beacon of light shining on the path back to common sense for the rest of the world.



Policing isn’t working…

Knife crime out of control

Grooming gangs and people trafficking unchecked

Poor responses to property theft

Nor is our prison service…

How are prisoners able to receive and use drugs?

How are prisoners able to be radicalised or intimidated into converting to Islam?

UKIP must insist that our hard won equality for women and LGBT citizens under British law is maintained;  

UKIP must insist that the law is applied fairly and equally to all citizens regardless of rank and ethnicity

UKIP will strengthen and support our armed forces and border control.

UKIP will not allow our armed forces to be part of the EU combined forces

UKIP needs to appreciate its members and activists and establish a transparent, more democratic bottom up structure


First Past the Post isn’t working -

  we need electoral reform to  

  Make every vote count

It’s time to bring more democratic decision making to the people: Introduce binding local referenda for major developments,

Consider a more Swiss style system of government with referenda on major decisions.  


Free of EU rule we can:  

Reform tax to incentivise business development

SCRAP  VAT - replace with simple sales taxes

Reform or replace unfair taxes

Ensure large multinationals pay  a fair tax share

Agree trade deals which also benefit developing nations

Whatever challenges leaving the EU brings there is an opportunity for the UK to become a prosperous, innovative, enterprising nation.

UKIP must promote the economic benefits - we cannot have the services we need without a vibrant economy -look at Venezuela

Helena believes that in the three years since we voted to leave the EU our Party has failed to make the case for the economic benefits of being free to make our own trade deals and not being tied to EU tax rules


It goes without saying that UKIP will continue to ensure that we truly leave the EU, not become a vassal state