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Helena is a microbiologist and local businesswoman. She was elected to Surrey County Council in 2013, representing Godstone division. She has lived in East Surrey since 1983 and is married with three adult children and two stepchildren.

 She says: I am honoured that the members of my local UKIP branch have put their confidence in me and selected me as their candidate for the second time.

I joined UKIP in 1999, when I began to understand that the long term aim of the EU was to create a single state and have campaigned for UKIP as it grew, from a pressure group, to the only mainstream political party campaigning for UK Independence.  

The British people have started to realise how much harm the EU is doing to our economy and businesses and that UKIP were speaking the truth when we said that Parliament could do little about it while we remained a member of the EU.  In 2013 we made local history when we gained a UKIP County Councillor in East Surrey; in 2014 we made history with our national victory in the EU election and returned our first East Surrey Borough Councillor in Horley.

In 2015 we can make history by electing East Surrey’s first UKIP MP


Cllr Helena Windsor

Promoted and published by Helena Windsor, Pinehurst, Stychens Lane Bletchingley RH1 4LL
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Helena says: I pledge to protect our Green Belt

Helena says: I pledge to honour the Military Covenant - our heroes deserve it

Helena says: Vote UKIP to come out of the EU and take our rightful place as a Global trader

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Helena says:As a scientist I endorse our policy of scrapping tuition fees on STEM & medical degrees

Helena says: It’s time we had someone in Parliament who is prepared to base our policies on REAL facts, hard data and rational analysis. Time to elect an MP who has had a real job, in the real world. Time to vote for change.

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