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The EU is a fraud on ALL Europeans

The European Union seemed a good idea in the 1970’s but it’s gone very, very wrong. Brussels has become a bureaucratic monster, strangling us all in red tape and massive waste. It’s not just Britain that wants out of the EU. Many other Europeans would vote to leave, if given the chance. Violent protest is spreading across Europe as a result of the financial failures of the EU.

The EU costs Britain over £50 million a day

It costs over £50 million a day to be a member of the EU but the benefits are few and hard to justify when we’re already deep in debt. We’re actually borrowing money to pay for membership! AND we’re being asked to bail out the Eurozone, even though we aren’t in the Euro. The only winners are the politicians.

The EU means lower wages

Open borders have brought cheap labour, lower wages and more unemployment to Britain. And increased crime. It’s also bad – and very sad – for the countries which people leave behind. Many big businesses favour the EU because it means a lower wage bill. But small businesses don’t benefit; they struggle to comply with endless EU regulations and red tape

We have no control over immigration

Last year we had more arrivals than ever before (239,000 – that we know of!). Almost 500 million EU citizens are entitled to work, live and claim benefits in the UK. Britain no longer has control over her borders. This is driving unemployment up and wages down. It is causing enormous strains on housing, schools and hospitals. Britain’s borders are now effectively North Africa, Russia and Turkey; not the White Cliffs of Dover.

The 1975 referendum was a trick

Britain voted ‘yes’ for a ‘Common Market’ in the 1975 referendum but it was a trick. People had no idea they were voting for the loss of British Sovereignty and a vast bureaucracy in Brussels, now making over 70% of our laws. British MPs have little say on many issues. Unelected Brussels Commissioners have much more power than our own MPs. And of the 27 EU Commissioners, at least eight are ex-Communists.

Don’t be fooled; it’s a Lib Lab Con

Conservatives, Labour and the LibDems are still fully behind this deceit. Click the link below to see David Cameron telling you all about the problems of the EU in June 2009 and why you needed to vote Conservative for a referendum. It was a stunning lie. On the 24th of October 2011, British Government whips bullied MPs to vote against a referendum, demanded by the public, in a 100,000 signature petition. Labour and LibDems followed suit.

The Euro has failed, we said it would

Many British politicians wanted Britain to join the Euro. The Liberal Democrats still do. Countries which adopted the Euro are now in dire straits. Greece is ruined. Irish homeowners are almost £1 billion in negative equity. Italy has been downgraded. Spain is at risk. France is struggling. Bailouts for the struggling Eurozone countries threaten the entire world banking system.

Your hard earned tax money… gone

Millions goes missing in Brussels. The EU has made millionaires out of failed politicians. MPs’ expenses scandals are nothing compared to the scams and dodges that make your money disappear, including private flights, limousines, five star hotels. The EU has still not found a firm of auditors willing to sign off its accounts. Don’t take our word for it, go to Brussels, see for yourself

We would be MUCH better off OUT

Don’t believe the scare stories about ‘being on the outside’ when we leave the EU. Switzerland and Norway are not members but they still trade hugely with the EU. They also have the highest standards of living in Europe. Britain already trades with the world, Europe only accounts for 9% of world trade and anyway, geographical proximity to markets nowadays is almost irrelevant.

The UK already trades with the world

The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy. Most of our trade is outside the EU, with the Far East, Middle East, the USA and the Commonwealth. By contrast, the EU is in decline and deep in debt. We buy more from the EU than it buys from us and it badly needs our business.

Our financial capital under attack

London is one of the most important financial centres in the world, which is why the EU wants a slice of it. Taxes raised from London are one of our biggest and most vital sources of national income, presently around £52 billion a year. But the EU wants to impose a ‘financial transaction tax’ on The City, which will simply drive businesses away, to other centres outside the EU. 50,000 jobs are at stake. They say it will only be a small percentage but remember VAT to fund the EEC started at 5%, it is now 20%

EU mandarin madness

The new EU Diplomatic Service, with an annual budget of £8 billion, duplicates existing national embassies around the world. There will soon be EU missions in Barbados (46 lucky staff), Burkina Faso in Africa and Vanuatu in the Pacific. EU money already subsidises French colonies in South America and several Caribbean islands. The effective head of the EU Diplomatic Service, Labour’s Baroness Ashton, is the highest paid female politician in the world, on £328,000 a year, that’s more than Hilary Clinton.

Renegotiate terms? Not a chance

The Conservatives say they will ‘rebalance’ our relationship with the EU by ‘repatriating’ powers back to British control. It’s a lie. Under the Maastricht Treaty (1992) the entire 170,000 pages of EU law and regulations must be accepted in full by all member states. We cannot even stop the nonsense of ‘votes for prisoners’ in our jails. We are just one voice in an assembly of 27 countries and we lose every time.

The EU reduces our rights and liberty

Under an EU law pushed through in 2005 by Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson, you can now be arrested and deported to any EU country without any evidence being presented to a British court. In 2010, Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May voluntarily opted-in to the European Investigation Order, enabling foreign police to tap your phone, take your DNA and look into your bank account.

The EU did not bring peace to Europe

The idea of a single European state came about after the Second World War, when politicians thought we could prevent wars by eradicating sovereign states. Yet the EU failed to stop genocide in the Balkans and today the folly of the Euro is the direct cause of massive strains in Europe. The overwhelming defeat of fascism in 1945 and the creation of NATO were, and still are, the real guarantors of peace in Europe.

The British people want out of the EU

Every survey points to a big majority wanting to leave the EU. Independent polls average around 65% of people wanting out. A recent Daily Telegraph online poll received a total of 6,495 votes in just four days. 6,021 voted for a ‘trade only’ relationship with the EU. That’s a staggering 93%. The Spectator magazine organised a debate at the Royal Geographical Society in September. 81% of 580 people voted ‘to leave the EU’ after a detailed debate with speakers from both sides of the argument.

At least give the people a referendum!

The EU has changed so radically since inception, it is vital that British people should be given a say on whether they really want what the EU has become. In the October 24, 2011 Referendum debate, 79 Conservative MPs defied intense pressure from party whips and voted for referendum, 2 abstained. 19 Labour MPs defied the party line and just one LibDem MP. The Green MP Caroline Lucas, Lady Hernon and 8 Democratic Unionist MPs also voted for a referendum. If this had been a ‘free vote’, Britain could now be looking forward, at least to a referendum.

UKIP is NOT anti-European!

We’re not anti-European! We love Europe! Europe is a rich tapestry of cultures, history and languages. It has always resisted bureaucratic uniformity, long may it continue; vive la difference! We respect the rights of sovereign states and their peoples to democratically determine their own futures, to live in peace and harmony whilst trading with each other. We’re already working with other democratic, freedom loving organisations, like ours, across Europe.


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